Make paws winterize

1. Shear paws

It's autumn, which means it's wet and cold outside, it's cozy and warm at home, and the air is very dry. What people can compensate with shoes and socks, paws have to endure. That's why they deserve special care right now in the fall.

Whether with short or long haired pets, the hairs also grow between the toes of the paws. These fur parts are not useful for any function, so they can be sheared without hesitation. If you leave these hairs, the paws dry very slowly. In cold temperatures and snow, ice can settle in it and road salt and bacteria have a larger attack surface. That does not have to be.

The best ways to shear paws are our trimmers. The particularly fine tooth pitch and the narrow cutting set make you unbeatable agile and precise. Your fur nose will notice if you have a good feeling while shearing.

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2. Cut the claws

IMG 3089.jpg
Too long claws in everyday life are not only a hindrance but can also make an animal sick. As soon as one hears the claws on the floor while running, they should be shortened. If the claws are not shortened, the blood vessels can grew. This part should not be hurt because it causes pain to the animal. If claws are not shortened at all, it not only prevents the animal from walking, but can also lead to massive malpositioning of the paws.

There are several ways to cut the unused horn on the paws.

Whether cutting or grinding, here you will learn how to do it.

3. Care of paws

How many shoes and socks do you own? All have their own function and you are very happy about that when you go for a walk. Your pet just has miracle paws.

The fur feet are not only prepared for any weather and defy rain, ice and all surfaces, but they also regulate significantly the body temperature of the animal.

Many paw creams are based on fat and these tend to clog pores on the paw skin. The PRETTY PAW caring paw spray. is made of 100% compatible Aloe Vera. So it absorbs immediately and makes the skin smooth again.

The paw spray is suitable for all paws (hands also become very smooth), so it is perfect as a small, personal gift to a special friend.

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