Our products for pet owners

Our know-how makes every MOSER® animal clipper a reliable partner in everyday life.

First of all it is about the health of the skin and fur of the animals. A consistently clipped coat makes daily coat easier to care, furthermore it also increases well-being of your pet and provides a well-groomed appearance.


have a look at our professionel "Made in Germany"
Animal Clippers.

<strong>ANIMAL-<br /></strong>CLIPPERS

For the filigree work! Here
you'll find our detail trimmers.


Find the right fur care tool
for your fur nose!

<strong>GROOMING </strong>TOOLS

The heart of every clipper
is the blade set of highest quality.


With a little care of the blade set,
the clipper runs ...and runs ...and runs.....  for years!


Just don't cut it too short, thanks to the
attachment combs!


MOSER Animalline Grooming-Guide

With the help of the MOSER Grooming Guide, you can easily find the right clipper for your four-legged friend as well as valuable tips and complete instructions for the right shearing and grooming. You will learn why shearing is important and how to shorten, sculpt and brush which parts.


MOSER Animalline - made in Germany

It is easier, safer and, above all, faster to work with a MOSER® animal hair clipper than with scissors - for a more even and professional clipping.

MOSER® animal hair clippers are known for their robustness and long service life. Extremely handy and pleasantly light, these are two other important properties of our devices. Especially for sensitive or nervous animals, it is a blessing to be shaved particularly quietly with MOSER® animal hair clippers. All that remains to be mentioned is our service competence and the excellent price-performance ratio - these are more than a whole handful of good reasons that speak for shearing with MOSER®!