Application Tips for Grooming

If one waives the grooming of the animal, it can come to strong matting of the fur, depending on the breed. This is not only unpleasant but can also cause health damage.

Especially when changing the coat, hair that has fallen out will also be left hanging in the matting. Regular brushing and immediate remove of possible felt is important. Not only the change of coat in spring or autumn are a challenge for the coat. The summer brings dust, pollen and also parasites, that settle in the coat during the walk.

Support your pet by brushing daily. Your fur nose will enjoy this and it also keeps all your textiles clean.


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Begin brushing by parting the hair in one place and combing it down layer by layer. Beware of dogs with a thin coat! If necessary, put one hand under the coat to be brushed and comb it over the hand.

Our plucking brushes are practical helpers and have several functions. They remove dead coat and also undercoat. With the right technology, also smaller tangles can be solved:
At the beginning of the brushing process, dab the brush only on the coat and do not pull it through. The curved metal bristles, thereby lift individual strands and solve painless small nodules.

shortening claws

Cut the claws step by step in very small and above all straight sections of about one millimeter. With the claw spacer, you prevent accidentally cutting too much of the claw. Attention: Provide enough light to make the blood vessels visible even in dogs with dark claws.

For sensitive animals, where the claw shortening with the pliers is not possible, we have developed our MOSER claw grinder with extra spotlight.
This not only makes claws gentle, but also makes them smooth and round.
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Remove undercoat

A blessing in the cold, a load when it gets warmer: the undercoat!

It is like a second, additional coat to the top coat, almost the long underpants of the pet. The top coat has a different rhythm of life than the undercoat and depending on the breed, a hair life cycle lasts between 6-8 weeks and then drops out. The top coat dies with the change of coat and renews itself twice a year. The undercoat are very fine hairs that are slightly matted. That's why it's important to quickly remove dead undercoat. In addition to the daily brushing, you should take care of the skin of your four-legged friend with a undercoat tool once a week. During the change of coat, you can also release your fur nose more often from the undercoat.

How it goes:
First, with long-haired breeds, the top coat should be freed of small mattings so that the undercoat can be easily combed out and not knotted. e.g. with a plucking brush

For long-haired pets, an undercoat rake is recommended. The tines rotate and thereby support the well-being of the dog when brushing. While the undercoat gets stuck in the offset tine row, the top hair is combed.

Shorthaired pets also have a second coat with the undercoat.
Due to the adjacent hair, special demands are placed on the brushing tool. The Undercoat comb has fine teeth that cut out the Undercoat.
Where is undercoat particularly susceptible to matting?
- Under the armpits, sensitive area where the undercoat grows particularly dense.
- Around the ears, especially dog breeds with floppy ears, as a permanent friction takes place
- Neck and chest, in this part the top coat is usually very long and therefore the undercoat is more difficult to reach.

What is the benefit for your dog and you?
- less tangles
- Skin can breathe more
- healthier coat
- Parasite infestation is made more difficult
- acceleration of the coat change
- clean apartment and textiles
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Remove tangles

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Especially in places where fur rubs against each other, such as behind the ears or in the armpits can quickly create tangles.

Use the disentangler to drive underneath the knots or the felting and cut the matted area with careful, short movements. Attention: Blades can be sharp!

Even with the animal hair clipper felting can be removed. With a fine cutting set you can easily cut out the felt bundle.

So that no tangles arise, we recommend brushing the coat daily.

Fine work

Remove slight tangles and knots by careful combing. Glued eye secretions in the facial area can be easily removed with the fur comb. At the same time, the comb serves for the preparation and follow-up of the coat of hair.
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