Application tips for coat clipping

Animal fur is not equal to human hair.

When it comes to coat clipping, the styling is, in comparison to humans, only secondary, because the coat of the four-legged friend has essential functions.

The top coat protects the skin from environmental influences, such as weather and UV radiation.

The undercoat isolates the body temperature.

In addition, all dogs and cats communicate with their fur.

That's why no coat should be too short. Basically, the coat of hair of individual parts of the body may be beneficial to the health of animals, e.g. on the paws, in the genital area or even on the face. This can improve the hygiene of the animals.

Even the clipping of individual parts, such as the legs or the abdomen, can reduce parasite infestation when roaming the meadows.

Depending on the breed and type of coat, a full line may even be necessary to maintain the health of the animal.


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Preparation for clipping

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Before the clipping you should comb out the fur well and remove coarse tangles with a fine tooth cutting set (Fig.1) or a disentangler (Fig.2).

Remove node:
Only if the fur is free even of the smallest nodules, you will receive a clean cut later when clipping.

To bathe:
If your four-legged friend has romp in the mud, bathe him beforehand, as dirt and sand in the fur quickly dull the set of blades.
A mild dog shampoo or the MOSER Speedy Sponge dry shampoo helps to rid the coat of dirt and grease. For shampooing is a fur care glove.

The wet coat can not be shaved, so you should dry the coat thoroughly with a dryer, brushing with sufficient distance (Fig.4). The easiest way to start is to cut the hair in one place and comb it down layer by layer.

Beware of dogs with a thin coat!
If necessary place your hand under the coat to be brushed and comb it over the hand, then the pulling force is not so strong and you relieve the skin.

If the coat is dry, your MOSER animal hair clipper has an easy job and you get an even clipping result.
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Especially in the winter months, the paw care is very important. Road salt, grit and slush settle in the hairs between the paws and the paws remain wet for a long time, making them more susceptible to infection.
That is why it is a treat for your fur nose when the hair on the paws and especially between the toes gets cut off.

What is the benefit for your dog?
- more grip on a smooth surface
- no sticking stones
- No dirt deposits
- No salt residues
- prevents inflammation

Click here for our trimmers, which are suitable for clipping paws.
In addition, you can do something good for the paws of your dog with a balm.

The MOSER Pretty Paw paw spray is easy to apply and absorbs very quickly. It is made of 100% natural Aloe Vera and keeps the skin on the paws supple. Soft paws have more grip.

Fat-based creams can clog pores and prevent the dog from heat exchange. And since it's completely natural, it can be licked out without hesitation if it tastes good to the dog.

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Hair enlarges the surface of the skin many times. This also means that bacteria have a much larger attack surface.
When curious sniffing, drinking or eating the dog strokes his facial hair unsuspectingly across surfaces. The view can also be affected by long hair.
The hair on the face can be trimmed without hesitation. The same applies here: never shorter than 3 mm.

What is the benefit for your dog?

- Hygienic and improved food intake
- Prevention of eye inflammation
- Good view - important for communication between dog and owner
- Good looks (rather for master / mistress)

Shave abdominal, genital and anal area

In the genital area of the dogs in addition to the genitals there are also anal glands.
In addition to urine, various types of outflows can be isolated here (please visit a veterinarian here). To minimize the risk of infection from contamination, the genital area is shorn.

What is the benefit for your dog?

- Hygienic "go for a walk"
- Prevention of inflammation

Here are the suitable machines for the genital area.

Cut, sculpt and brush the fur on the body

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In particular, dog breeds with a longer coat and no or very little undercoat (for example Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle) should be shaved regularly. In dog breeds with undercoat, the undercoat should be removed before clipping.

In the case of the solid chippings, clipping should not be shorter than 3 mm, as this can quickly cause a razor burn and inflammation. There is also a risk of sunburn in the summer. With a comb on the clipper, it is easy to cut the coat to the right length.

What is the benefit for your dog?

- Well-groomed coat
- Prevention of matting
- Facilitate the daily grooming
- Amazing appearance
- health and well-being

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