Hope for Christmas

Rescued Pomeranians looking for a new home - Wahl GmbH helps

On 19.09.2019, the Veterinary Office of the Rottweil district was able to free 23 animals from an illegal dog breeding and hand them over to the Rottweil & environs Animal Welfare Association e.V.. It is the popular dog breed “Pomeranian”. The small, fluffy fur-noses look cute and are comparatively simple in posture.

Buying the dog from the breeder actually promises to get a healthy, solid and socially positive dog - if it is a serious breeder.

The previous conditions of keeping the dogs are not known, but the state of health of the animals suggests that the environment and the care were anything but animal-friendly. Despite emergency treatment, four dogs have already died, which have been found to have a severe parasite infestation.
The shelter in Rottweil has taken in all the dogs, reared them and lovingly cared for them. "In the meantime, they have become accustomed to the gravel soil and also to a meadow as an underground, apparently they didn't know that yet. Because all the dogs were awkward at first, when we let them into the open," says Günther Hermus, the first chairman of the Rottweil and environs animal welfare association e.V..
The medical care is provided by veterinarian Dr. Wieland from Spaichingen. She also treats the animals after mediation in order to ensure the future well-being of the Pomeranians. In order to be able to manage such a project spontaneously, financial help is needed. In this case, the company Wahl GmbH from St. Georgen has taken over the veterinary invoice.
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As a subsidiary of the globally active Wahl Clipper Corporation (USA), Wahl GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers and experts in the field of animal trimmer and clipper and also fur care accessories and offers the right solution for every fur requirement.
Based in St. Georgen, Wahl GmbH is clearly committed to the location in the Black Forest, because the products "Made in Germany" are in high demand due to the high quality.
The product range is divided into three product groups: under "Wahl Professional Animal" the company serves professional groomers and veterinarians. In addition, products are developed under this brand for any application in fur care for horses and livestock.
Moser Animalline is the product group for the private user, who mainly purchases the devices from the pet shop. In addition, there is a product line for hairdressers and barbers.
"We're shocked that such a case is happening right on the doorstep. It was clear to us that this year we are supporting an animal project instead of Christmas gifts. When we heard about the Pomeranian-case, the whole team was shaken. In short, we increased our amount to finance the entire project. It is unbelievable what the animal shelters are doing and we hope that all Pomeraninas will soon get a loving home," says Damaris Hoeld, responsible product manager in the Pet division at Wahl GmbH.

You can recognize a serious breeder above all by the membership in the breeding association of the Association for German Dogs (VDH). In this way, a keeper checks whether the attitude is appropriate to the species and whether the parents are healthy and not too closely related. Illegal breeding produces money at the expense of animals. This can be easily avoided by making future dog owners pay attention to where they buy their pet.