No fear of clipping

Not every dog needs to be clipped

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The phantom of fear often hovers over the subject of fur clipping in pets. It is like any other tool: If you have a good mind when it comes to grooming, the clipper will make life easy for you. There is only one rule: "Don't make the fur too short!"

Dogs don't care if the head looks like a teddy bear. No dog needs styling, a dog needs a healthy coat.

For each breed the grooming of the coat looks different and by far not every dog should be shorn. Unlike in humans, where the hair is purely for appearance and taste, each animal needs its coat. Sun protection, communication, weather protection are only a few examples for what an animal uses its fur for. For this reason the rule applies: Only sheep need to be sheared completely!
A clipper for pets is a helpful tool. A clipper offers safety, it allows easy and stress-free handling for both humans and animals.

Es gibt viele Arten wie wir das Fell unserer Haustiere gesund halten können. Dazu gehört in erster Linie: Bürsten!
Auch das Kürzen des Fells hält den Hund gesund, jedoch nicht immer am ganzen Körper.

There are many ways we can keep the fur of our pets healthy. First and foremost: brushing!
Shorten the coat also keeps the dog healthy, but not always on the whole body.

Some shorthair breeds also have undercoat. Undercoat should not be shorn, but brushed out well. An example is the Golden Retriever or the German Shepherd.

And then there are dog breeds for which a coat clipping helps to stay healthy, such as Poodles, Maltese, Bichon Frisè, Bolognese.
These are all breeds whose coat would grow inexorably without clipping and would therefore also mat very easily. Having a own clipper and/or regular visits to the dog groomer are here a basic requirement for the health of your dog.
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Kurzhaarrassen, wie z.B. der Mops müssen nicht geschoren werden, die Arbeit übernimmt am besten der Unterwollkamm.

Should I clip my dog?

Valuable experience in coat care of your individual dog can usually be given to you directly by the breeder. He knows mum and dad's coat and knows exactly how to care for your darling.

In addition, you can ask your veterinarian on this topic. Even a professional dog groomer, knows exactly how the coat care of your dog should look like. He/she will also be happy to tell you how and what you can do in addition to your visit to the salon to care for your dog's health.

And last but not least, we too are true experts in coat care. Just write us, we can give you a recommendation for your breed or explain how your individual grooming should look like.