Why should I groom my four-legged friend?

Why should I groom my four-legged friend?

Poor grooming can quickly lead to matting; this causes skin problems which are very uncomfortable for the animal. Shorter fur does not merely improve your dog's well-being, but it also makes daily grooming much easier.

Start the grooming already when your dog is young in order to get him used to the clipper and the coat care. With a little bit of praise and regular grooming also adult animals get quickly used to it.

Attention when buying an animal clipper: Not every clipper is recommended for every animal.

Therefore consider the required application field and your dog’s fur type when when buying an animal clipper. For soft, fluffy fur (for example: Old English Sheepdog, Poodle ) a fine-toothed blade set is recommended generally. For short, bristly fur (for example: West Highland Terrier, Schnauzer) a coarse tooth blade set is recommended.

In the following you will find several grooming guides for our animal clippers.

Grooming Guide 37.png

The grooming session

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If you do a full-clip you should genererally never clip shorter than 3 mm, as this could cause razor burn and infections. Furthermore in summer the sun burn risk is high. Work therefore with an attachment comb or a blade set with longer cutting length. Always groom with the direction of the fur growth. If you want to groom against the direction of the fur growth please note to use always a longer cutting length than you actually want to achieve. For detail work, e.g. on paws, in the face or in the genital region the fur can be a little bit shorter, but never shorter than 2 mm.

Every breed should be groomed by default. You’ll receive further information to the individual coat care of your dog from your breeder or a professional dog groomer. Especially breeds with longer fur and without or only less undercoat (z.B. Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle) should be groomed regularly. For dog breeds with undercoat the undercoat need to be removed before clipping the fur.

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