MOSER 3in1 trim harrow
Grooming has never been so easy!

The 3in1 trim harrow is a grooming tool, especially for long-haired dogs or cats that have a lot of undercoat. In the application he fulfills three functions in one go:

1. Curing
2. disentangle
3. at the same time he removes the excess undercoat

- all in one!

Each tine of the trimmer harrow is carefully rounded so that there is no risk of injury. The inside of the hook is slightly sharpened to release small tangles and to remove excess undercoat during grooming.

Of course, the Curry Comb, like all grooming tools from MOSER, has the legendary soft-gel handle.

2999 7095 Currycomb frontal 1000x1000px.jpg
2999 7095 Currycomb seitlich 1000x1000px.jpg
2999 7095 Currycomb Rueckseite 1000x1000px.jpg