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Sammy gets the full range: slicker brush, dematter and shedding rake.
Paul is pampered with a slicker brush and enjoys grooming his coat.
Momo gets a full clip with the max50. Momo relaxes with routine while clipping.
gandi the frenchie
Gandalf loves his deshedder.
ighlander cane.corso
Ighlander gets finely rounded claws with the Nailgrinder.
spike elvis thelittlefrench
A round of Pawdicure for Spike and Elvis in the garden with the Nailgrinder.

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die_mit_dem_Hund_laeuftBad Salzuflen, Deutschland


Anika with her dogs Feeby and Mikka are true athletes. Regular running training, frolicking and playing are the order of the day.

The whole pack has mainly short hair and undercoat. We are very happy to be your partner for fur care.

Here is the website with their blog